How do I play with the same group in every class period?

If students are playing Classcraft in every class period throughout the day, you’ll want to keep the teams and character classes the same for each period.

If more than one teacher is running Classcraft, see our section on “Connecting with teachers” for info on how students can use their same character in different classes. 

The main risks with students playing throughout the day is that they can level up too fast, spend AP too quickly, or fall in battle too often.

To prevent students from leveling up too fast:

To make sure students have enough Action Points:

  • Use the "Game Duration" option to determine the correct AP regen rate
  • Raise the max AP for each character class:
    • Mage: Increase from 50 AP to 100 AP
    • Warrior: Increase from 30 AP to 60 AP
    • Healer: Increase from 35 AP to 70 AP

Students need to fall in battle from time to time to keep the risk element of the game motivating, but if this happens too often, students may become frustrated and lose interest. The key is to find a good balance. 

To keep students from falling in battle too often:

  • Raise the max HP for each character class:
    • Mage: Increase from 30 HP to 45 HP
    • Warrior: Increase from 80 HP to 120 HP
    • Healer: Increase from 50 HP to 75 HP
  • For the Grade Converter, lower the amount of HP lost for each point below the passing grade
  • Lower the values of presets for removing HP from students
  • Lower the team HP loss that occurs when a student falls in battle

 You can adjust many of these game settings under “Advanced” in your class customization.


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