Understanding characters: Warriors, Mages, and Healers

Students can choose whether they want to be Mages, Warriors, or Healers. Each character has a different max amount of HP and AP and can use different powers.

You can use the "Introduce" tutorial to show students the differences between them, including the powers.


Mages are great for students who already do well in class. Because Mages have the least HP, they’re most vulnerable, but their high AP means they can use lots of cool powers often.

Mages help their teammates by replenishing AP with powers like “Mana Transfer.” They can also use “Cheat Death,” which allows a student to receive a different random sentence than the one they initially receive if they fall in battle.


Warriors are good picks for students who tend to struggle during class and stand the most risk for losing HP. They have more HP than any other character.

Warriors protect other students from damage (HP loss) by using powers like “Protect.” They can also use “Frontal Assault,” which lets their whole team turn in an assignment a day later.

However, Warriors have to use their powers wisely because they have the least AP of any other character.


Healers have a balanced amount of HP and AP compared to the other characters. They’re responsible for healing teammates when their HP runs low. They can even use these powers, like “Heal 1,” on themselves.

“Revive” is also an important power because it can keep teammates from the penalties of falling in battle (when all HP is lost), thus saving the whole team from taking damage.

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