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Choosing a collaborative power as your first power (students)

Collaborative powers are powers that let you help your teammates.


Heal 1

A teammate gains 10 HP.


Mana Transfer

All team members, except mages, gain 7 AP.


Protect 1

The warrior can take up to 10 damage instead of their teammate, receiving only 80% of the initial damage.

If most or all of your teammates start the game with a collaborative power, you’ll give yourselves an advantage because you’ll be better equipped to avoid falling in battle, or losing all your HP. Teams that start the game off with cooperative powers survive much longer than the teams that don't.

When you use a collaborative power to help a teammate, you'll gain bonus XP, which helps you learn new powers more quickly. (Note: You won't earn XP when using a collaborative power on yourself!) 

Collaborative powers that you can start with include Protect 1 (Warrior), Mana Transfer (Mage), and Heal 1 (Healer).

Sometimes teachers may choose to make other powers collaborative. Keep an eye out!


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