Messaging your teacher

If you need to ask your teacher a question, you can use the Messaging section to write to them. Start by clicking on the Messaging icon on the left sidebar. If you don’t see your teacher’s name, try switching classes beside the Classcraft logo in the upper part of the screen: 


You can view announcements made to the whole class under Class announcements. You won’t be able to reply to these messages.

Select your teacher’s name to view your message history. Place your cursor in the text box, type your message, and click on Send when you’re ready. You can even attach files from your computer, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive if you need to!

Sometimes, teachers disable replies, and you won’t be able to message them. When this happens, a message in your conversation will let you know.

Remember: There may be consequences for sending inappropriate messages or spamming your teachers!

A purple checkmark beside your message lets you know that your teacher has seen it.