Participating in discussions for points

Engaging in discussions in quests is fun and can even get you some extra XP or GP!

If your teacher enables discussions on a quest objective, you can use this space to answer your teacher’s questions, share your thoughts on the lesson, ask questions of your own, and tutor your classmates if they’re stumped.

Quest objective comment interface and wysiwyg

Be conscientious of the messages  you write and how you treat your classmates online. Being a good digital citizen could prompt your teacher to give you XP or GP, especially if you help out a fellow student.

Your teacher could take away HP if you leave inappropriate/negative messages or are treating your classmates poorly.

If you see another student commenting inappropriately, you can “flag” their comment for your teacher’s attention. Make sure to only do this when you see someone being mean or immature. If your teacher agrees with your judgment call, they could reward you for taking action.

Flagged comment confirmation

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