Unlocking, training, and equipping pets

Pets are pretty cool! These friendly creatures appear beside your character, making you stand out even more. Let’s see how they work! 

Tip: If your parent signs up for a parent account, you can unlock some lovable baby griffon pets that don’t need to be trained to be equipped!


Unlocking pets

If pets are available in your class, whenever you buy a full gear set — yes, that means every single piece — you’ll unlock a brand new pet. To view which gear set unlocks which pets, click the Pets paw icon in the side navigation. Use the arrows to view the different pets. Beware! Locked pets are only shown as shadows, so it may involve a bit of guesswork.


The text on the righthand side of a locked pet tells you which set you need to buy to unlock it.

Training pets

Once you unlock a pet, you can’t equip it just yet — that would be way too easy! You’ll need to send your new friend on missions to build up their strength first. They’ll even bring back some Gold Pieces when they complete a mission!

To send a pet on a mission:

  1. Click the Pets paw icon in the sidebar navigation
  2. Use the arrows to select a pet you already unlocked

The mission list tells you:

  • the mission name and description
  • the time your pet will need to complete the mission
  • how many Gold Pieces they’ll bring back


Click the Start button to send your pet out on a mission! Log in when their mission is complete to collect your Gold Pieces and send them on the next one.

Did you know? You can send more than one pet on missions at a time!

Equipping pets

Once you finish training a pet (or when it doesn’t even need training) you can finally equip it so that it appears beside your character.


Pets are just like any other piece of equipment once they’re trained. To equip them:

  1. Click on the Equipment anvil icon in the navigation
  2. Click the dog icon on the lefthand side of the screen
  3. Select the pet you want to equip with the left and right arrows
  4. Click the purple Save changes button to equip your pet

Don’t forget that a pet must be unlocked and trained to equip it!