Training and equipping pets (Premium feature)

If your teacher is using the Premium version of Classcraft, every time you complete a new outfit or set of gear, you’ll unlock a new pet that you can train.

To train a pet, open the “Pets” panel and click the “Start” button to send your pet on a new mission. Keep an eye on their progress, as the mission will complete on its own after the time is up. Come back after it's done to claim some bonus GP. There are about 10 missions per pet. When your pet finishes all their missions, you’ll get a big GP bonus!

Character customization screen

Once a pet is fully trained, you can equip them so that they appear next to your character on the game dashboard. That way, everyone can see how awesome you look!

Tip: If your parent signs up for a parent account, you can unlock some lovable baby griffon pets that don’t need to be trained to be equipped!

Baby griffon pets

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