Balancing your team

Teamwork is crucial in Classcraft. Start by getting together with your teammates and choosing your team's name, crest, and background. Your teacher can set these for you!

Classcraft team on a snowing mountains background

There are many possibilities to consider when putting your team together: Do you want two of each character class, or would you prefer more Healers? The golden rule is to have at least one of each character class on your team so you can access all the different powers.

Some students might find that the Mage risky character class to play because of their low maximum HP. However, they have access to the strongest powers in the game and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Make sure your strategy reflects what character your teammates want to be as much as possible. If your team can't come up with an arrangement that follows the golden rule, some team members may have to select another character.

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