Understanding your character's points (HP, XP, AP, GP, PP)

Just like in your favorite video game, your character has different “stats” that affect your success in the game. Let’s take a look! 

HP (Health Points)

Red Health Points bar

Think of Health Points as your life energy. When you drop to 0, you’re in trouble! Each character has a different max amount of HP. Guardians have the most; Mages have the least.

When you’re disruptive in class or you forget your homework, your teacher could remove some HP. Ask the Healers on your team to help restore your HP so you don’t lose all your HP and fall (which is bad for your whole team)!

Guardians can also use their Protect powers to minimize HP loss as it happens. It's best for Guardians to save up their AP ahead of time so they can use Protect powers when their team is likely to lose a lot of HP.

XP (Experience Points)

Yellow Experience Points bar

Experience Points are a measure of your progress in class. The more XP you gain, the more you’ll level up and get to learn cool new powers!

Anytime you demonstrate good behavior in class (doing your homework on time, or helping a classmate, for example), your teacher could award you with XP. 

AP (Action Points)

Blue Action Points bar

Action Points are the energy you need to use your powers. Each character has a max amount that they can have at any time. Mages have the most; Guardians have the least.

A small amount of AP regenerates naturally every day at midnight. But the Mages on your team can replenish AP for you with powers like Psionic Flare. Be sure to ask them for their help! 

GP (Gold Pieces)

Gold Pieces

If your teacher is using our Premium subscription, you can also earn GP for doing extra special good things.

You can spend GP on new outfits in your Equipment panel so you can customize how your character looks and feels.

You also earn GP automatically when you level up or when your pets complete training missions (Premium only). If your parents sign up for a parent account, they can also give you a small amount of GP per day if you do your homework and help out around the house.

PP (Power Points)

Hand with a star in the center 

When you begin the game, you’ll start out at Level 1. When you level up, you’ll earn a Power Point. You can use your PP to learn new powers.

Tip: Powers on the first row cost 1 PP each; powers on the second row cost 2 PP each; and powers on the third row cost 3 PP each. Choose wisely!

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