Choosing your character (Guardian, Mage, or Healer)

Before you begin playing Classcraft, you'll need to decide what character class you’d like to be. Guardians, Mages, and Healers all have different powers (including class privileges that they can earn), and they each have different strengths and weaknesses in the game. To succeed in Classcraft, every character needs to rely on the other two classes and their powers. Teamwork is the key!

Ultimately, when you choose your character, you'll want to make a decision that's best for your team. Talk with your teammates to make sure that you have at least one Guardian, Mage, and Healer on your team and that everyone is happy with their new roles.

Once your choice is made, there's no turning back!

The Guardian

Guardians are the game's protectors. When a team member is about to lose Health Points (HP), Guardians can use their powers to absorb the damage while simultaneously neutralizing it so the Guardian loses fewer HP. These powers can save a teammate from falling and spare the rest of the team from taking damage as a result.

If you’re at risk of losing a lot of HP (ie., you arrive to class tardy, you forget to come prepared to class, etc.), then the Guardian is an ideal choice for you. Guardians can acquire a maximum of 80 HP and can even heal themselves using the First Aid power. However, because they can only have a maximum of 30 AP, Guardians can't use their powers very often.


Male-presenting Guardian in light armor.png

Guardian's game-based power First Aid

Guardian's game-based power Protect 1

Guardian's game-based power Protect 2

Guardian's game-based power Protect 3

The Mage

Mages are the game's suppliers of Action Points (AP). Because they can acquire a maximum of 50 AP, they can use their powers more often than any other character. The Mage’s Psionic Flare power restores AP to another team member, which can help them use their powers more frequently, too.

Mages are more at risk of falling since they can only acquire a maximum of 30 HP. If you’re confident that you can survive on low HP with the help of your teammates (ie., you rarely get in trouble in class), and you like the idea of using lots of powers, then the Mage is a great pick.

Female-presenting tidal Mage

Mage's game-based power Psionic Aura

Mage's game-based power Psionic Flare

Mage's game-based power Altered Destiny

Mage's game-based power Psionic Shield

The Healer

Healers perform healing functions in the game. When a team member takes damage, Healers can use their powers to restore HP. They can even use these powers on themselves!

The Healer has a maximum of 50 HP and 35 AP, giving them an edge on strength and survival. If you like to help others, this character class is a perfect fit for you. Team members will frequently call on Healers to use the Heal and Restoration powers.

The Restoration power is this character’s most significant power since it can save other students from falling and thus prevent the whole team from taking damage.

Female-presenting Healer wearing a green cloak

Healer's game-based power Restoration

Healer's game-based power Heal 1

Healer's game-based power Heal 2

Healer's game-based power Healing Circle

Healer's game-based power Heal 3

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