Characters, stats, and powers

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First off, if your whole class is using the Proactive mode, check out this article instead, otherwise, keep on reading.


Just like in your favorite video games, your Classcraft characters’ stats affect your success in the game. Let’s take a look!

Experience Points

The first, and most important kind of points, are the Experience Points. They measure your progress in class. When you show good behaviors in class, your teachers may reward you with Experience Points. Maybe there are also more ways to earn them, so make sure to ask your teacher!

Whenever you fill the Experience Points bar on your profile, your level increases, which can lead to awesome rewards like:

  • One Crystal
  • A few Gold Pieces
  • New powers
  • New gear for your character


Crystals are the magical energy with which you can use your unique powers. Depending on where your class is in the game and the character class you picked, you can have from 4 to 6 Crystals at any point. Mages have the most, Guardians have the least.

At first, powers cost 1 Crystal, but the further you are in game, the more they can cost. Thankfully, there are more ways to regenerate Crystals, ask the Mages, they may know a little something about that!

Gold Pieces

Gold Pieces are the unique currency in Classcraft. With them, you can purchase cool new gear for your character. 

Whenever you gain a level, you earn a few Gold Pieces. If your parents have a Classcraft account, they can also give you a few Gold Pieces every day if you behave well at home. There might be even more ways to get and spend Gold Pieces so ask your teacher!


Think of your Hearts as your life energy. When it drops to 0, you’re in trouble! Hearts only unlock late in the game so if you’re just starting out, you may not have any yet.

Each character class has a different Health.png total: Guardians have the most, Mages have the least.

When you’re disruptive in class, you may lose some Hearts. If your Hearts are getting low, ask the Healers on your team to help out! If you lose it all, you may fall.

Differences between characters

If your whole class progressed far enough, you’ll notice that different character classes have different points maximum.


Guardians have a lot of Hearts — they have a maximum of 16 Health.png! On the other hand, they have relatively few Crystals. When they protect one of their teammates, Guardians spend Crystals but also a little bit of their Hearts.



Healers are well-balanced, they can have up to 5 Crystal.png and 10 Health.png. Healers make sure their teammates (and themselves) remain healthy in Classcraft.



Mages can hold up to 6 Crystal.png but they also can have only 6 Health.png, making them much less sturdy than their Guardians counterparts.


Character powers

To view the powers you have and that you will unlock, check out your Level Track!

  1. Log in to Classcraft
  2. Click the Character Dashboard button (first button in the sidebar)
  3. Click on your level

There are several types of powers you may unlock throughout your Classcraft adventure. Let’s see what they are:

Universal powers: Every character class has access to these powers, which means that all the students in your class can use them, which is why they’re called universal.

Class-specific powers: Each class has powers that other classes don't have access to — some of these powers even have an effect on the game! Check your Level Track to know when you’ll get your unique powers.

Collaborative powers: These powers can be of any other type, but they have something special: they benefit one of your teammates rather than yourself. For the good deed of using a collaborative power, you may even earn a few Experience Points.

Game-based powers: These powers are unlocked only in the Mastery phase, but they enable you to change the course of events such as by protecting or healing your teammates.

Game-based powers


The Guardian excels at protecting their allies, preventing them from losing Hearts before any damage can occur. As a Guardian, you’ll have access to the following game-based powers:






On a team, Healers are responsible for keeping their teammates’ Hearts high and preventing them from falling. As a Healer, you’ll have access to the following game-based powers:







As masters of the elements, Mages wield Crystals and their magical energies. As such, your job on your team will be to keep your teammates’ Crystals high so they can continually keep healing and protecting. As a Mage you’ll have access to the following game-based powers:





Using your powers

Most powers work exactly the same way. To use them:

  1. Log in to Classcraft
  2. Click the Character Dashboard button (first button in the sidebar)
  3. Click on the Powers tab below your level
  4. Find the power on the list and click on it
  5. Click Use power if you have enough Crystals to activate the power

Make sure to let your teacher know that you used a power so they don’t forget to grant you your special privileges!

Game-based powers work a little differently, however.

Protect and Psionic Shield (self only)

To protect a teammate

  1. Open the Delayed damage queue (represented by the hourglass icon on your dashboard)
  2. If there’s damage pending that you can help with, it’ll appear here: click on the first entry
  3. If more than one person lost Hearts, click on the person you want to help out, otherwise continue to Step 4
  4. Click the button of the power you want to use in the list
  5. Confirm your actions, the points you will earn and lose, and click Use power


To Heal:

  1. Log in to Classcraft
  2. Click the Character Dashboard button (first button in the sidebar)
  3. Click on the Powers tab below your level
  4. Find the Heal power on the list and click on it
  5. On the student list, find the student you want to heal (if you heal yourself you won’t receive any bonus Experience Points!)
  6. Click the purple Use button on the corresponding row

Restoration and Altered Destiny

Some powers can only be used when they make sense:

  • Restoration prevents one of your teammates from falling and receiving a consequence
  • Altered Destiny lets a fallen teammate get a different random pledge