Praising your child's behavior at home with Gold Pieces

Every day, you can praise your child's good behavior at home and reward them with up to 15 Gold Pieces. You choose what you give them Gold Pieces for: it could be anything from doing their homework to helping out around the house.

In Classcraft, Gold Pieces enable students to purchase equipment for their character and customize how they look.

When you want to give your child Gold Pieces, click the Praise behavior purple button on your dashboard.


This will bring up the behavior list, where you can:

  • Click any existing behavior to give your child Gold Pieces
  • Click the Add new button to create a new behavior and add it to the list
  • Use the Quick reward to praise a behavior that's not on the list without adding it to the list
  • Click the More options (...) button of an existing behavior to edit or delete it