Exploring the parent dashboard

When you're in Classcraft, the experience looks very similar for you as it does for your child. If you don't have access to all of these features, make sure that you verified your email address. Not sure? Check your profile and click Resent verification email if needed. And make sure to check your spam folder!

First, let's see what the main components of the parent dashboard are:


1. Navigation

Use the icons on the side navigation to access your child's character dashboard, their Quests, and the Messaging feature. You can also turn the sounds on and off. If you're not sure what an icon means, click the arrow at the bottom of the sidebar navigation to expand it.

2. Path

This tells you exactly where you're at! First is the class name, second is the student's name (your child), then the section of Classcraft you're in.

If your child is in multiple classes, click on the class name in the path to view their other classes.

If more than one child is registered to your account, click on your child's name in the path to view another child's profile.

3. Game feed

Click the journal icon to view a sequential list of events pertaining to your child in this class, such as when and why they gained Experience Points or when they used their powers.

4. Profile menu

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner to access your profile, the Knowledge Center, and Classcraft Store or simply sign out.

5. Student information

Here, you'll see your child's information:

  • Team crest
  • Name
  • Level
  • Character class

6. Points tab

Click on this tab to view your student's Experience Points, Gold Pieces, etc. This is the current view.

7. Powers tab

Click on this tab to view all the powers your child has unlocked so far.

8. Praise behaviors

This button enables you to give up to 15 Gold Pieces per day to your child for their good behavior at home. Notice they did something good? Click Praise behavior. You can select an existing behavior, create a new one, or highlight a behavior without adding it to the list.

Note that any unused Gold Pieces are lost at the end of the day.

9. Experience Points

This line tells you how many Experience Points your child has earned so far in this level and how many they need to level up.

10. Gold Pieces

This is the total amount of Gold Pieces that your child hasn't spent yet.

11. Crystals

Students spend their Crystals to activate their powers. They earn one every time they level up. This tells you how many Crystals they currently have on the total they can have.

12. Hearts

Hearts are only available if the whole class is far enough in Classcraft. They represent how often students can make mistakes without actual consequences.

Here, you can see how many Hearts your child has on the total they can actually have.

If your student's class is in the Proactive mode, you may also see a lantern and Shields here. A purple lantern indicates your child will be protected from falling once. Shields prevent students from taking damage.

13. Character

This is what your child's character look like!