Setting up your classes

You can tailor Classcraft to suit your needs and your classroom. This starts as early as your class creation, but you can edit your class settings anytime.

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Creating a class

To create a class, proceed to your Teacher Dashboard and click the +Create Class button. If you have no class, it will be displayed at the top of your class list. Otherwise, you’ll find it below your class list, before the demo class.


Select a name, grade, and subject for your new class. Select your school level and decide if you want to import existing settings. You can select from Social distancing, Remote learning, or CASEL settings. Click on "Preview" to check out what presets are included. You can also edit them later, in your class settings.

After selecting a name, grade, and subject, you can return to your Teacher Dashboard at any time. You can view your setup progress for every class and click on any unfinished step to complete it:


To fully set up your class, you need to create it, customize your settings (XP, HP, pledges, etc.), and add and introduce students.

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Editing your class general information

If you need to edit the basic information for your class after its creation, click on the “...” icon on its card and select “Edit General Information”:


You can then select a new name, grade, and subject for this class. You can also select the class image, visible as the class name background. Once you’re done, click on “Save Changes” to accept the changes and edit your class.

Setting up your game duration and frequency

Playing for a semester or partial year? In your class settings, use the “Game Duration” option to set your class duration and how many hours per week you see your students.

This information helps us set up a more balanced and enjoyable experience for your students. This determines how much XP your students will need to level up (their “level cap”) and how much AP they will regenerate each day at midnight.


Importing settings

If you’ve already customized a class in Classcraft and want to use your settings in a new class, then you can use our “Import Settings” feature.

You can find this option when creating a new class or by looking in your class settings.

Importing settings to a new class

When you create a new class, select a name, grade, subject, and school level for your class. If you already have created other classes, you can import settings from another class instead of importing settings from a specific school level.

Note: You can only import one settings list.

Importing settings to an existing class

In the “Import Settings” section of your class settings, select the class you want to import from and click “Next.” Select whether you want to include the behavior settings, pledges, powers, random events, game rules, and/or interface options. You can click on the small arrow across from each setting (Toggle_More_Info_Icon.png) to expand your selection and specify which presets or options you’d like to include/exclude.

Pay attention to the yellow “!” icon (Settings_Warning.png): this means your original settings will be completely overwritten. Tick the box at the bottom of the page if you want to overwrite the original settings. Then click the green “Import” button, and you're done!

Once you're done creating your class, you can add students, create teams, and introduce your students to Classcraft. Learn more about this here.

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