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How do I import my settings from another class?


If you’ve already customized a class in Classcraft and want to use your settings in a new class, then you can use our "Import Settings" feature.

You can find this option when creating a new class or by looking in your class settings under "Advanced."

In the "Import Settings" section of your class settings, select the class you want to import from and click "Next." Then select whether you want to include the behavior presets, sentences, powers, random events, game rules, and/or interface options. You can click on the small arrow across from each setting (icon_expand-arrow.png) to expand your selection and specify which presets or options you’d like to include/exclude.

Pay attention to the yellow “!” icon (share-settings_overwrite.png): This means your original settings will be completely overwritten. Tick the box at the bottom of the page if you want to overwrite the original settings. Then click the green “Import” button, and you're done!

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