What powers save students from falling?

When students receive damage that will make them fall, three powers can save them: the Healer's Restoration power, the Guardian's Protect powers, and the Mage’s Psionic Shield.


However, these powers don’t operate at the same time. Guardians can only use Protect before damage is applied, and Healers can only intervene after:

  1. You remove HP from a student (from a behavior preset or otherwise).

  2. The Guardians can then use Protect to help their teammates.

  3. The Mages can use Psionic Shield to protect themselves.

  4. You can apply the damage.

  5. The Healers can use Restoration on their fallen teammates.

If your students don’t have access to a computer or to their mobile device in class, it’s better for them if you don’t apply damage right away and leave it in the delayed damage queue overnight. This will give your students time to use their powers and gain XP. You can learn more about dealing with damage loss here and about using powers here.

The Healer's Heal power can’t prevent a student from making a pledge. It can only be used after a student has made a pledge or after they have been saved by Restoration, Psionic Shield, or Protect. The Mage's Altered Destiny enables them to reroll their pledge so they might have a different pledge.

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