What powers save students from falling?

This depends if you're using the reactive or proactive mode. Let's see the difference!

Reactive mode

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When students lose enough Hearts to fall, three powers can save them: the Healer's Restoration power, the Guardian's Protect powers, and the Mage’s Psionic Shield.


These powers don’t operate at the same time!

Guardians can only use Protect before Hearts are lost, and Healers can only intervene after:

  1. There are no pending lost Hearts in the queue
  2. A student loses Hearts (from a behavior preset or otherwise)
  3. The Guardians can then use Protect to help their teammate
  4. The Mages can use Psionic Shield to protect themselves
  5. You remove the remaining Hearts
  6. The Healers can use Restoration on their fallen teammates

If there are more lost Hearts that occurred before in the queue, you first have to manage these before you can get to the new ones.

The Healer's Heal power can’t prevent a student from falling and making a pledge. It can only be used after a student has made a pledge or after they have been saved by Restoration, Psionic Shield, or Protect. The Mage's Altered Destiny enables them to get a different random pledge.

Learn more about Hearts here.

Proactive mode

In the Proactive mode, all powers should be used before damage occurs to be effective. This means that students should use them often to keep their team's Shields, Hearts, and Crystals high.

Still, powers can help out when students misbehave and lose Hearts.

  • Guard powers and Barrier enable students to grant Shields. The students keep these Shields until they're used and one Shield can prevent the loss of one Heart. If a student has Shields on before you remove Hearts from their character, they'll lose their Shields first.

  • Applying Shields frequently may just be the key to prevent students from falling!
  • When students do lose all of their Hearts, they still fall though. Unless they've been protected by a Healer's Enduring Spirit. If they lose all of their Hearts while this status is active, the student remains at 1 Heart and and receives no negative consequence for falling.