What parents can do in Classcraft (teachers)

Following their child's progress

Once connected to their student, parents can view their child’s character and progress in the game. They can view the game feed only as it pertains to their child, look at their child’s powers and stats, and see whether they have any outstanding pledges with Oron's Lantern.


They can also reward their child a small amount of GP per day for doing things like finishing homework or helping out around the house. Parents can give their child GP regardless of whether you are using the Free or Premium version.


Remember to tell parents that GP only unlocks cosmetic rewards, like equipment and pets, and won’t give students advantages in the classroom.

By default, parents can give 15 GP per day to their child. In your Class Settings, you can enable the option to give parents 200 GP per day to distribute.

Tip: Parents can add more than one child to their account. They'll need to go to their account profile ("My Profile") and click on the green "Add a Child" button toward the bottom of the page. Afterward, they can switch between their children's characters by choosing the child from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.


Parents will be able to follow along with your class curriculum in Quests.

Parents will only be able to see objectives, not actual discussions between you and your students. 


Parents can use the Messaging feature to view any announcements you’ve sent to all parents, and they can also send you private, one-on-one messages. See our article “Messaging - communicating with students and parents” for more information.


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