Inviting parents to Classcraft


By inviting parents to Classcraft, you can help them stay updated on their child’s progress in class, send them announcements and private messages via Messaging, and extend the game experience to the home.

Inviting parents

When creating your class, you’ll automatically be provided with unique student and parent codes via handouts. Parents can then use their unique code to sign up for a parent account.

You can also invite parents directly in the "Parents" section of your class settingsClick the green “Invite Parents” button to download handouts that include the parent codes or to invite them manually by email.

Approving parent accounts

Once parents have signed up, you'll receive a pop-up notification in your class settings asking you to approve or deny the request to view their child's account. A to-do will also appear in your Activity Center, which you can access from your Teacher Dashboard or from any class with the clipboard icon (to-dos.png).

If you mistakenly approve a request or want to unlink a parent account from a student, proceed to your class settings and click on “Parents.” This will display a list of students with linked parent accounts. Find the student in the list, click “Unlink,” and confirm by clicking on the red unlink icon.

Tip: Parents can add more than one child to their account. They'll need to go to their account profile ("My Profile") and click the green "Add a Child" button toward the bottom. Afterward, they can switch between their children's characters by choosing the student from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Baby griffon pets

Also, any parents who sign up for a parent account will unlock adorable baby griffon pets for the child. Hooray! Agus, Syv, and Meily will be happy to join your students.

Baby griffons are available in both the Free and Premium versions.

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