Multi-Class – Changes to student level caps and regen rates


When a student is playing in more than one class using the same character, their level cap (the amount of XP needed to level up) and other stats will change. In Multi-Class, max HP and AP levels for the different characters will be automatically locked to their default values. (You can read more about why stats become locked here.)

A student’s level cap will increase so that it’s the total sum of all level caps in the classes they’re playing in. For example, if a student is playing in both English 307 and Français 102, and the level cap in each class is set to 1,200 XP and 1,300 XP, then the student’s new level cap will become 2,500 XP. (The same thing will happen with their HP and AP regen rates.)


When their level cap changes due to Multi-Class, the amount of XP they have accumulated changes as well to remain proportional to their current level. If a student had gained 500 XP with a 1,000 XP level cap, their points will rise to 1,000 XP when their level cap becomes 2,000 XP. (If changing the level cap changed students' levels, they'd experience disruptions like loss of gear, Power Points, GP earned through leveling, etc.)


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