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Teacher Connect - Connecting with other teachers


* Teacher Connect and Multi-Class are only available with school licenses. Learn more here.

With Teacher Connect, you can sync with other teachers playing Classcraft at your school.

This enables you to share students and game customizations across each other's classes (on a pick-and-choose basis).

To get started, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right of your game screen and click the “Teacher Connect” option. Alternatively, you can go directly to

  2. Now click the green "Invite a Fellow Teacher" button. Enter the name and email of the teacher you want to connect with.

  3. Once your colleague has accepted, the invitation status will change from pending to approved, and you’ll be able to view a list of the teachers and classes you now have access to.

That's it! You can connect with other colleagues by clicking the green button again, or you can disconnect from them with the "unlink" button under their name.


You can share students and game customizations via your class settings. To learn more about the HP Regen, AP Regen, and Level Cap Influence and how they affect students playing in more than one class, read more here:


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