Multi-Class — When students play in more than one class

Playing Classcraft under a school or district license? Sharing a student with another teacher through Teacher Connect? One of your students play in several of your classes? Multi-Class is a status applied to any student playing in more than one class. Once your student is considered Multi-Class, a few things will change.

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What changes when a student is Multi-Class?

If your student is Multi-Class, this means they’re using the same character in multiple classes. To make sure that Multi-Class students don’t have an unfair advantage over other students, some values will change.

Max stats become locked

Guardians, Mages, and Healers have different maximum amounts of Health Points (HP) and Action Points (AP). These stats are locked when at least one of your students is using the same character in multiple classes, making them Multi-Class. If you do not wish to have stats locked because of Multi-Class, make sure none of your students are playing in an additional class.

Locking the stats helps create a consistent experience across classes and manage the game calculations efficiently. Imagine a Guardian has 20 max HP in one teacher’s class, and all the other Guardians have 80 HP: the Multi-Class Guardian would fall too easily, creating an imbalance between students.

Level cap and regen rates increase

A Multi-Class student’s level cap (XP required to level up) and regen rates are the sum of these statistics in all of their classes combined. This helps create a more consistent experience for all students. A student gaining XP in two classes should need more combined XP to level up so they don’t get ahead of all the non Multi-Class students. Similarly, if you set HP and AP regen rates for all your students, this is what they will need for your class. A Multi-Class student needs their resources combined for all of their classes.


You can view Pledges for other classes in the student's profile on the Game Dashboard. Click the "Pledges" icon below their statistics then on "Show Multi-Class pledges" to display them in the list.

Even if you can see these pledges, you can’t mark them as complete or remove them from the list.

Student Overview (school and district license)

If you’re playing Classcraft with a school or district license, you can view student information from other classes when viewing their overview in Analytics. To do so, tick the “Show Multi-Class Events” option and click “Filter.”


How can I tell which students are Multi-Class and how the changes affect them?

To view the list of Multi-Class students and their information, go to your class settings and select “Multi-Class.”


The first column lists all of your Multi-Class students. Click on “Show All Students” to view all of your students, whether they are Multi-Class or not.

The second column is the class you’re currently viewing, which means there will be checkmarks in this column for all your students, even if they are not Multi-Class. The other columns are the list of classes your students attend, even if just one student is in that class. Check the top row to view the class name and current stats. A checkmark in a class’s column indicates that a student is also assigned to that class.

Use the search bar to find a specific student on the list. Click on the green + button beside a student’s name to view all the information related to that student, such as the level cap and regen rates for each class they’re in.


You can also view this information directly from the Game Dashboard. Select any student in the Players section of the Game Dashboard and check below their name:


If a student is playing with the same character in multiple classes, a “Multi-Class” mention appears below their name. Click on it to view all the information available in the class settings. If a student is playing in a single class, the “Multi-Class” mention will not be visible.

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