Multi-Class and Teacher Connect – Overview

Multi-Class enables students to play in multiple classes with the same character and account. The student's progress (levels, XP, etc.) carries over from one class to another. This creates a consistent experience across students’ school day and provides a more comprehensive record of their behavioral and academic progress.

A student is considered active in Multi-Class if they're playing in more than one class with the same character — whether they're playing under a single teacher or more than one teacher.

Teachers can use the Teacher Connect feature to sync with one another in the gameIf your whole school is using Classcraft, you’ll automatically be connected to all the teachers. As such, the Teacher Connect option will not be available for you.

Using Teacher Connect or being connected through a school license enables teachers to share students across each other's classes (on a pick-and-choose basis).

To view which students are playing in more than one class, access your class settings and go to the “Multi-Class” section of your settings.


In the Multi-Class table, columns show all the classes in which your students appear. Click on the arrow beside a class name to view the teacher’s name, email address, and basic game rules (level cap and HP and AP regen). Rows show your students and their personal level cap and HP and AP regen, which can vary for each student based on their teachers’ total settings. Click on the green “+” icon in a student's column to view their information and class list.

Note: You can use the search bar at the top to display a specific student's information. You can also have the table show only Multi-Class students or all students.


Learn more about Multi-Class and Teacher Connect:

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