Messaging – Communicating with students and parents

Messaging enables you to communicate with students and parents who have created parent accounts. (Learn how to invite parents to Classcraft here.)

Class Announcements are one-way messages that blast out to all students in your class. Alternatively, Parent Announcements reach out to all parents that are using Classcraft. You can upload attachments with your messages, such as handouts, worksheets, or permission slips. You can do this by hovering your cursor over the paperclip icon. Click the paperclip to upload from your computer or use the corresponding buttons for Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, depending on where you want to upload from.

You can also have private, one-on-one conversations with students or parents. Just select their name from the list to start messaging them individually.

Note: Students can't communicate with each other using the Messaging feature.


Enabling and disabling replies

In the case of announcements, replies are automatically disabled. But when messaging individual students or parents, you can enable or disable replies to control the conversation. To do so, simply toggle the button in the top right of the message.

Note that you can delete your own replies, but you cannot delete a student's or parent's replies.



When a new message awaits your attention, a green bubble will appear over the Messaging icon in the left sidebar.

You can also receive email notifications for each new direct message in your account profile. If you've enabled push notifications, you'll also be alerted on your browser or mobile device when you receive a new message.

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