Messaging — Communicating with students and parents

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The messaging feature is perfect for keeping in touch with students and parents (provided they created their account!

There are two types of messages you can send:

  • Announcements: One way messages sent to all students or parents
  • Individual messages: One-on-one conversation with a single student or parent

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Sending messages

To send a message:

  • Click the class's Play button on your homepage (your class needs to be in the Exploration phase!)
  • In the sidebar navigation, click the speech bubble icon to view Messaging
  • Click Class in the top navigation to communicate with students or your whole class or Parents
  • Decide if you want to
    • Make an announcement; OR
    • Send a message to a specific student or parent by clicking on their name
  • Type your message and click Send or hit Enter

Whenever you, a student, or a parent send a message, you can:

  • Upload an attachment from your computer (such as a file or an image) with the paperclip icon
  • Attach a file from your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive if you have linked your account by hovering over the paperclip icon and clicking the appropriate icon

A purple checkmark beside your message indicates that the student or parent has seen it.

Enabling and disabling replies

While replies are always disabled for announcements, when messaging individual students or parents, you can enable or disable replies. To do so, click on the Replies are disabled or Replies are enabled button in the top right corner of a conversation.


Deleting messages

You can only delete messages that you have sent, not messages received from students or parents. To delete a message:

  • Open the conversation the message is in
  • Hover over the message you want to delete
  • Click the X button in the top right corner of the message

Message notifications

When you receive a message, a red circle over the messaging icon in your sidebar navigation lets you know. With the default settings, you also receive a notification in the Activity Center.


You can view the Activity Center notifications by clicking Activity Center on your homepage or the bell icon in the upper right corner of a class dashboard. You can filter your notification list to view only message. Clicking on a message notification opens the conversation with the student or parent who messaged you!

You can also edit your notification settings to receive a browser or email notification when you receive a new message.