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Class Tools - Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros)


*The Grade Converter is a Premium feature

With the Grade Converter, you can enter test, assignment, or quiz results and convert them to HP and XP in the game. This feature can be used with or without Google Classroom(You can also collect assignments digitally and set rewards using the Class Content.)

For every point over the passing grade that students earn, they’ll gain Experience Points as a bonus. This encourages students to study harder and push themselves to greater academic achievements.

But if students score below the passing grade, they’ll lose Health Points instead. (Note: This is turned off by default. If your class tends to struggle with test performance, HP loss might be demotivating for them.)

You can adjust the passing grade, how much XP is gained for points above it, and how much HP is lost for points below it in your class settings under "Advanced" ("Game Rules").

Note: The Grade Converter does not store student scores.

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