Class Tools — Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros)

With the Grade Converter, also known as the Treasures of Tavuros, you can transform results on quizzes, assigns, or exams into Experience Points rewards for your students!

This feature can be used with or without Google Classroom.

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Learn more about:

Grade Converter settings

Before you start using the Grade Converter, start by checking the settings to make sure they work for your class. To check out the settings:

  1. In the class you want to use the Grade Converter with, click the class settings gear icon in the sidebar
  2. On the list, choose Game Rules
  3. Scroll down to the Mastery - Grade Converter section

This section is only available in the class settings when you've reached the Mastery phase!

The passing grade is the percentage of a total grade students need to be considered successful. By default, it's 60% but you can change this. If students get more than this passing grade, they'll earn Experience Points.

For example, if you set this value to 50%, when you use the Grade Converter for a test that's on 20, every students that has 11/20 or more will automatically receive some Experience Points.



The amount of Experience Points students earn for every percentage point above the selected passing grade. The default is 15 Experience Points but you can change it for whatever you want.


Let's say you change this setting to 10 Experience Points and your passing grade is 50%, a student who has a grade of 15/20 on a quiz will receive 250 Experience Points automatically:

15/20 = 75%

Which is 25 points above the passing grade

25 points above passing grade x 10 Experience Points per percentage = 250 Experience Points


The amount of Hearts lost for every 5 percentage points below the passing grade means that students who have low grades will lose some Hearts. By default, this is set to 0, but you can pick any value between 0 and 16, including fractions. We suggest leaving this value very low to avoid student falling too easily.


Let's say you set this setting to 0.5 and your passing grade is 50%, a student who has a grade of 5/20 on a test will lose 2.5 Health.png.


Importing grades manually

After your students have completed a test, quiz, assignment, or any other kind of graded activity, to reward them with Experience Points for their grade. Here's how:

  1. In the class you've completed the assignment, click the toolbox Class Tools icon in the sidebar
  2. Select the Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros)
  3. Optional: If your account is connected to Google Classroom, click the gray Import grades manually button in the lower right corner
  4. Enter the evaluation name
  5. Set the maximum possible grade a student could have (so if the highest achievable grade is 25/25, set this field to 25)
  6. Enter your students' grades (if a student didn't participate in this evaluation, leave the field blank)
  7. When you're ready, click Award points in the lower right corner

If you have bonus questions and students can get more points than the intended maximum, you can enter scores higher than the max grade.


If you keep grades in an Excel-type document, you can copy and paste the values from your Scores column directly into the Grade Converter to go even faster! Just make sure to double-check the results before you click Award points.

Using the Grade Converter with Google Classroom

If you have connected your Google Classroom and Classcraft accounts through our integrations, you can import grades directly from Google Classroom assignments.

When you do so, instead of seeing the screen to import grades manually when you open the Grade Converter, you see a list of Google Classroom classes. To reward your students:

  • Select the class you want to use the Grade Converter with
  • Select the assignment you want to use the Grade Converter for
  • Decide if you want to reward students for:
    • Their grades, for which they'll receive Experience Points
    • Their timely hand-in for which you may reward individual or teams with Experience Points or Gold Pieces, or penalize tardiness with Hearts
    • Both!
  • When you're done, click Award points for the converter to do its thing
  • Click Continue to return to the Grade Converter tool