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Class Content - Collecting assignments

* The Class Content is a Premium feature

Enabling assignments

By enabling assignments on a post in the Class Content, you can collect homework and projects digitally from your students and reward them for timely submissions. (You can also convert grades directly into points using the Grade Converter.)

Include the assignment instructions in your post, and then click “Enable assignments.” Set a due date for the assignment, and set a student reward (XP and/or GP) as well as a bonus team reward that can be earned if all team members complete the assignment on time.

If you’d like, you can also check the “Enable early hand-in reward” box to add an early due date and offer even more rewards. Students can earn up to four rewards total.


Tracking assignment progress

To keep track of assignments, click the banner to expand the assignment details. Here you can see a chart of which students have submitted their assignments and whether they’re early, on time, or late.

You can download individual assignments or click “Download All” to download them all at once. Feel free to annotate and grade the assignments, then upload them with the same file name that was given when you downloaded them. The game will automatically sort the graded versions to the appropriate students. You will also be able to add feedback on assignments for students to review.

When the deadline(s) has passed and you’re satisfied with all the submissions, click “Attribute rewards now” to give the XP and GP bonuses to the students.


Learn more about the Interactive Class Content here:

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