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Class Content - Creating posts

*The Class Content is a Premium feature

Adding a post is a lot like writing the body of an email. You can make words bold or italic, undo or redo changes, add lists by bullet points or numbers, insert images or video, upload attachments, embed links, create tables, and more.

Underneath the main post body are four additional options: Rewards, Comments, Tags, and Assignments.


Use Rewards to set a small amount of XP or GP that students can claim for taking the time to access your Class Content outside of school hours and view what you’ve posted.

Enable Comments to foster discussion among students. You can also contribute to the conversation. (See below for more info on managing student comments.)

Use Tags to organize your posts and search for related content you’ve created later on.

Lastly, with Assignments, you can collect homework and other work from students and reward them with XP or GP.


Learn more about the Interactive Class Content here:

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