Starting each class with a random event (The Riders of Vay)


The best way to start class is with a random event. These get students focused and ready to go for the day.

Random events can be positive, negative, or just plain silly. Sometimes, they can even involve the teacher! Their effects can be instant or last the whole class period. As the Gamemaster, you’ll want to oversee any effects personally.

Random events are represented by the scroll icon in the sidebar. To generate the day's event, simply click the green "See Event" button. If you are playing from the main website, events that affect the students' points (HP, XP, AP, GP) will be applied automatically in the game. From the mobile app, you'll be able to see the day's event, but you'll need to handle it manually later on.

You can completely customize random events. Try making your own or asking students for ideas!


Creating random events


You can create your own random events by clicking “New Event” in your “Random Events” list in the class settings. This will open a new window where you’ll be prompted to enter a name and description for the event, as well as specify its effects.

You could opt for a manual or automated effect, or both! A manual effect will have repercussions in the classroom, but not in the game (for example, when “Courtly Manners” is activated, everyone must address each other as “Milord” and “Milady” when speaking). An automated effect will affect the amount of HP, XP, GP, or AP of one or more students, and this change will be applied automatically in the game.

Adding an effect

If you want to add an entirely manual effect, you can select to have it apply to "none," then describe the effect in the text box. This could be "Everyone talks like a pirate!" or "The Gamemaster must dance the Macarena!" 

When adding a game-based effect, you’ll need to select whom it applies to. Will it affect one student, one student per team, a whole team, or all students? Will all players be involved, or only those of a specific character class? You can even target the student with the least amount of points (HP, XP, GP, or AP) or the highest amount of points.

For the effect itself, you’ll be able to choose between adding and taking away points, or you can even set a specific value for HP or AP (for example, everyone now has 20 HP). Don't forget that the number must be preceded by the appropriate symbol for what you have in mind (+, -, or =)!

As you can see above, this customization of the "Boon or Bane?" event targets two players. On the first line, one player, targeted at random, will gain 300 XP. On the second line, one player, also targeted randomly, will have their health set at 5 HP.

The text box underneath "Effect" allows you to add a manual effect, one that will have repercussions in the classroom. For example, the "Chant of the Master" event targets the player with the least XP, who'll get to choose a song for the Gamemaster to sing.

Additionally, you can create events that have both automated and manual effects. For example, with "A Pirate's Life fer Ye," “A random team gains 150 XP” (automated effect) “but must speak with a pirate accent. The entire class must call the Gamemaster ‘Captain’” (manual effect).

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