Class Tools — Random Events (The Riders of Vay)

The best way to start class and get the ball rolling once you get to the Collaboration phase is with a Random Event. Also called the Riders of Vay, this tool helps get students focused and ready to go for the day and may create magical moments for the whole class!

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Random Events can be positive, negative, or just plain silly. Sometimes, they can even involve the teacher! Their effects can be instant or last the whole class period.

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Setting up Random Events

While Random Events are activated through the Class Tools section, they're created and set up in your class settings.

To create a new Random Event:

  1. Click the Play button of the class you want a new Random Event for
  2. Click the class settings' gear button in the side navigation
  3. Select Random Events in the side panel
  4. Click the purple New event button in the upper right corner

This is the interface you can see. It may look intimidating, but let's break it down together!



1. Enter a name for your event

The name is displayed at the top of the scroll. You can pick something fun like a quote from a movie or even a pun!

2. Enter a description for your event

This gives context around the title and describes it. Don’t think of this as an effect or what your student must do, but more like a fun little line to get your students hooked.

3. Decide who this applies to (optional)

If you want your Random Event to have a gameplay effect or pick random students, decide who this applies to. This could be things like: “One Random Mage”, “One student per team”, or “All the Guardians.”

You can skip this step if you don’t want a gameplay effect.

4. Description & effect

Regardless of your Random Event having a gameplay effect, this should describe what you expect to happen when this Random Event is selected (could be “Everyone must wear a hat tomorrow” or “Silly sprites steal 5 Gold Pieces from all Guardians”).

5. Decide gameplay effect (optional)

You can decide to give Experience Points, Crystals, Hearts (Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png), or Gold Pieces (premium.png school.png). You may also remove Crystals, Hearts, and Gold Pieces or set Crystals and Hearts to a specific value.

You can skip this step if you don’t want a gameplay effect.

6. Remove effect

You can remove any effect you’ve created for a Random Event by clicking the trash can.

7. Add effect

A single Random Event can have different effects so you can add as many as you want.

8. Save Random Event

When you’re done, save your Random Event to add it to your list!

Automatic selection, points, and types of events

Note: This is pretty advanced, you don't need to know all this outright to start creating your own events! Just go with what feels right.

There are three main types of events depending on how much automation was set.

Description only

The description of this event includes no automation from Classcraft, it only explains what the event effect is. Game elements may be included in the description but must be handled manually.


  • Everyone must end their sentences with “Woof!”
  • The teacher will wear a funny hat to school tomorrow.
  • Every student has 30 seconds to make a paper airplane. The furthest to fly wins 300 Gold Pieces!


Automatically selected student(s) and description

The game will automatically select one or more students according to a rule, but the event description will provide the information as to what happens. If the description asks for points to be modified, you’ll need to do so manually.


  • All healers: All of the Healers must be seated until the bell.
  • The player with the least XP: The student with the least Experience Points chooses a song that the teacher must sing.
  • One random player: One random player must sing the alphabet song backwards in less than 30 seconds. If they succeed, they gain 250 Experience Points.


Automatically selected students(s) and event

While these events may have a typed-in description, they also have an automated event. This means that the effect will take place without you having to enter manual values.


  • One random team: +150 Experience Points, A random team gains 150 Experience Point but must speak with a pirate accent.
  • One random player: +500 Gold Pieces, The Riders of Vay are feeling generous!
  • Everyone: Hearts = 4


Using Random Events

Random Events are found along with other tools in the Class Tools section. To start one up:

  1. Click the Class Tools toolbox icon in the sidebar navigation
  2. Choose Random Events (The Riders of Vay) on the list
  3. Click the purple See Event button in the upper left corner to see what fun awaits!

There's more on this interface, though:

  • The Manage events button in the lower takes you to the Random Events section of your class settings — it's a good idea to view the full list of events before activating your first event, you wouldn't want to be caught off-guard!
  • x of y events used lets you know how many events from your list have been used thus far. A single event can't be used twice before you reset the list (or reach the end).
  • The rounded arrow Reset list button resets your Random Events list to its initial state, enabling any existing event to be selected.

Once you click See event, let your students read the name, description, and effect. When you’re ready, click Next.

What happens then depends on how automated your event is.

  • When viewing an event with a description only, clicking Next brings you back to the Class Dashboard with no further effect.
  • When an event selects one or more players or teams, when you click Next, you’ll need to review the selected students or teams list. When you’re ready click Finish.
    • If students were selected, clicking Finish brings you to the Class Dashboard.
    • If teams were selected, you’ll return to the List view of the Class Dashboard where you can select students to give points to according to the event’s description.
  • For fully automated events, when you click Next, the selected student, students, team, or teams, appear. Click Apply to enact the effect. You’ll then return to your Class Dashboard.

After you view a Random Event, it will not appear again until you have viewed all the Random Events from your list or until you reset the list with the arrow in the lower right corner.

Managing Random Events

To manage your Random Events, proceed to your class settings:

  1. Click the Play button of the class you want to manage Random Events for
  2. Click the class settings' gear button in the side navigation
  3. Select Random Events in the side panel

Here, you can review the list of existing Random Events, delete the ones you no longer want to pop up, and edit your events.

Editing Random Events

To edit an existing random event …

  1. Find it on the Random Events list in your class settings
  2. Click the pencil icon 
  3. Make any changes you want to
  4. Click the Save button in the lower right corner 

Deleting Random Events

Unfortunately, Random Events can only be deleted one at a time. To do so…

  1. Find it in the Random Events list in your class settings
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Click the Delete event button in the lower left corner

Be careful! There’s no confirmation so make sure you make sure you’re removing the correct event before clicking Delete event.