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How can I manage Classcraft with another teacher?

Classcraft can be played with multiple teachers throughout the school or in the same classroom.

In the same classroom

Co-teacher accounts are not available at this time.

However, you could share log-in information with your co-teacher or aid. One person could operate the game from desktop, the other from a mobile device (iOS or Android app).

If you've signed up using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft and are concerned about sharing your log-in information, please note that you can set up a unique password for Classcraft in your account profile. This way, your co-teacher or aid can simply sign in using your email and unique Classcraft password.



In multiple classrooms

In other cases, teachers may be working together to run Classcraft across grade levels or multiple classes via Teacher Connect. In this case, each teacher can have their own account and import shared students into their classes. This way, students can play in multiple classes with the same character and account. (This is called Multi-Class.)

Additionally, it’s important for teachers to decide together what the game settings, random events, sentences, powers, and HP and XP presets should be so that they can remain consistent in how they run the game. With Teacher Connect, you can import game customizations other teachers at your school have made.

Be careful how often you input grades in the Grade Converter. Too much HP loss in one day can be difficult for students to handle. If this becomes a problem, you could turn off the HP loss for the Grade Converter entirely (see "Advanced" in the settings).

Good communication between teachers can ensure that Classcraft works smoothly from classroom to classroom.


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