Understanding points (HP, XP, AP, GP, PP)


 You’ll encounter a few acronyms while playing Classcraft. So what do they mean?


HP (Health Points)

Think of Health Points as a student character's life energy: It’s what they need to remain successful and active in the game. Each student has a different amount of HP depending on whether they’re a Mage, Warrior, or Healer. (Warriors have the most; Mages have the least.)

When students are disruptive in class, you should remove HP from their character. This discourages negative behavior. Below are some example reasons for removing HP, but you can add your own behavior presets.

Tip: Warriors can use their Protect powers to minimize HP loss, and Healers can use their Heal powers to restore teammates’ HP when it gets dangerously low. (See “Falling in battle” for info on what happens when students lose all HP.)

Students can also earn back HP if you set a regen rate in your class settings. Additionally, you may restore HP for a random event using the white -/+ button.


XP (Experience Points)

You should give students Experience Points anytime they demonstrate good behavior in class. This helps make positive behavior a habit for students.

Over time, students will gain enough XP to level up. This makes XP an excellent measure of their progress during the school year.

Here are some examples (feel free to add your own behavior presets):


AP (Action Points)

Action Points are energy students spend to use their powers. Each time a student uses a power, some AP is automatically deducted.

Each character has a max amount that they can have at any time. (Mages have the most; Warriors have the least.)

A small amount of AP regenerates naturally every day at midnight. But Mages can replenish AP for their teammates with powers like Mana Transfer:

Tip: You can adjust stat values like AP with the white -/+ button. Just enter a positive number to add, or a negative sign before the number to subtract.


GP (Gold Pieces)

If you’re using our Premium subscription, you can also award GP to your students for doing extra special good things.

Students can spend GP on new outfits and clothing for their characters so they can customize their personal look.

Students also earn GP automatically when they level up (Free and Premium) or when their pets complete training missions (Premium).

Additionally, parents can give a small amount of GP per day to their child for doing their homework and helping out around the house (Free or Premium). Note that teachers cannot customize parents' GP presets.


PP (Power Points)

Every student starts out at Level 1. Each time they level up, they also earn a Power Point. Students can use these points to learn new powers.

Teachers can also unlearn a power for a student by opening their power tree, selecting the power, and clicking the "unlearn" button. This returns the Power Points spent on that power back to the student.


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