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Classcraft isn’t a traditional game; it’s a way to rewire real-class social dynamics and give students an active role in enforcing classroom management. In turn, there is no "game world" for students to explore as most interactions occur between students and teachers face-to-face in the classroom.

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Learn about the benefits of games

Games are much more than entertainment; they’re a force that we can leverage for good in the classroom. Children learn naturally during play, and games teach competency, foster social relationships, provide necessary feedback to improve, and much more.

Benefits for teachers

Gamification takes the principles of games and applies them to non-game situations, such as the classroom. Classcraft uses technology as a way to facilitate classroom management, and it borrows the aesthetic and fundamental appeal of games to engage students.

In Classcraft, students are represented as "avatars" or "characters” on-screen. These are static, meaning they do not speak or fight. Instead, every action in the game affects the real-life classroom experience: It becomes the "world" in which students evolve and level up. For example, when a student makes relevant observations or helps out another student in class, you can give them XP. If they misbehave, you can remove HP. Thus, their behavior has a consequence in the game and vice versa. Classcraft leverages seven key components of games, such as social relationships, autonomy, and surprise, and uses them to fulfill student needs within education — thus motivating your students and teaching them how to be better learners.

The gameplay is grounded in real life, which means screen time is kept to a minimum and the real transformation happens directly in the classroom. By working in teams, students learn the value of collaboration, establish positive behavior habits, and watch their progress grow throughout the year.

Benefits for students

Students respond positively to Classcraft because, like a traditional game, it follows clearly defined game rules, which represent your actual classroom rules. It also features a typical video game aesthetic that students are familiar with, characters that have points and "level up," and activities that actively involve students, making class more interesting.

Students' actions and behaviors in the classroom affect their characters' stats and enable them to gain XP and level up. When this happens, students can unlock new powers that give them real privileges in class. You can create powers that students will be motivated by, like eating in class, having an extra day to hand in an assignment, etc. There are also game-based and collaborative powers that students can use to help their teammates.

Classcraft works as a layer over the regular classroom structure. Students will still learn all their normal lessons, but Classcraft improves how they connect with one another, the teacher, and what they’re learning.

Working in teams teaches students the value of collaboration, establishes positive behavior habits, and enables them to visualize their growth throughout the year.

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Get familiar with common Classcraft and gaming terms

Consult our glossary of common Classcraft and gaming terms to better understand the game mechanics. It will help you communicate with your students and engage with them.

You can view the glossary of terms here.

Learn more about Classcraft

The Classcraft 101 videos will walk you through getting started with Classcraft, from creating and customizing a class to introducing students to the game — and lots more.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and visit our blog and our Teacher Forums to learn more about Classcraft and gamification and interact with other passionate teachers.

Prepare your classroom

You can play Classcraft with as little as a single computer and a projector so you can run the game in the background during class. We recommend using either Chrome, Safari, or Edge for best results, but you can also download our iOS and Android apps. You can stay logged in on one desktop browser and one mobile app at the same time.

If your students have their own devices, they can log in and use their powers during class. Feel free to set a class rule that students can only use powers at the start or end of the day.

Once you’re up and running, Classcraft should take no more than 5-6 minutes per class hour.

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