Getting ready to play Classcraft

Welcome to Classcraft! We’re so excited to have you joining our community of amazing teachers.

Before you begin playing with your students, make sure you have the essentials in place. It’s simple!

Prepare your classroom

You can play Classcraft with as little as a single computer (the teacher’s) and a projector so you can run the game in the background during class. We recommend using either Chrome, Safari, or Edge for best results, but you can also download our iOS and Android apps. You can stay logged in on one desktop browser and one mobile app at the same time.

If your students have their own devices, they can log in and use their powers during class. Feel free to set a class rule that students can only use powers at the start or end of the day.

Once you’re up and running, Classcraft should take no more than 5-6 minutes per class hour. If you need help learning the game, watch our Introductory Webinar.

Understanding the interface

The game dashboard is where most of the game action takes place every day. From here, you can manage points, use student powers, navigate to any game feature on the sidebar, and more.

Note that there are three main views in the center:



The Players View lets you select each student individually. You can also see and switch to their team members quickly from here.

The Teams View shows whole teams at a glance and enables you to give/remove points with a single button click. You can also mark students absent to exclude them from the day's events in-game.

The Class View shows you a list of all your students. Give/take points to/from all students at once, select none and then pick individual students, filter by character class, sort by highest/lowest stats, mark students absent, and more. 

Navigating the sidebar

 Hover your mouse cursor over the icons on the sidebar to view what they are.


Home — Takes you to your homepage, where you can set up your classes, customize your rules, and more. 


Game Dashboard — Where most of the game action happens day to day. You can switch between three views: Players, Teams, and Class.


Class Tools — A suite of features to gamify your lessons. (Includes both Free and Premium features)


Quests — A feature enabling you to turn your lesson plans into personalized, self-paced learning adventures for students to embark upon.


Analytics — Compare a student’s performance over a period of time to the class average. (Premium feature)


Class Settings — Quickly navigate to your game settings for the class you're currently viewing.


Help — Click this button anytime to learn more about the current game screen you’re viewing. 


Play Sounds — Turn all the game audio (background music and sound effects) on or off.


Additionally, in the top right corner of the game screen, there are four buttons:


From left to right:

Game Feed — Lists all game activity for your class.

Delayed Damage — Shows you any delayed damage you still have to deal with.

Book of Laments (Sentences) — Opens your feed for the Book of Laments, a reminder of the "sentences" (or consequences) students must complete for falling in battle.

Profile Menu — Provides a list of options related to your management of the game, including your profile settings and the sign-out button.

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