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Turning in assignments in the Class Content

Sometimes your teacher will post assignment instructions in the Class Content. When this happens, they’ll assign a due date (and maybe even an early due date!) for when the assignment should be turned in.

To submit your assignment, first click on the Assignment banner to expand it and see the details. Then, click on the grey box to upload a file or drag and drop the file onto it. File size is limited to 15MB. (Keep in mind that larger files may take a little longer to upload.)

If your teacher asked you to complete the assignment in Google or Microsoft, you can upload files from Google Drive or One Drive (in that case, you'll have to link your Google or Microsoft account to Classcraft if you haven't done so already). Don't forget to click on the "Hand in" button when you're done!

Note: If you need to make corrections after you've submitted your assignment, you can always re-upload the file. This will change your hand-in date, so make sure to do this before the due date has passed.

If you turn in your assignment early or on time according to these due dates, you can receive some nice XP and/or GP bonuses. If everyone on your team does this, you’ll get even more rewards!

Later on, your teacher can review your work and provide a graded version for you to download, along with some possible feedback that you can read.


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