Using powers

You can use powers that you’ve learned anytime you’d like, with a few exceptions, of course!

Powers cost AP to use, which means you’ll need to have enough AP at the time to use a power. A good strategy is to conserve AP until you absolutely need to spend it. In other words, make sure that if you use some AP for your own gain, you have a little set aside in case your teammates need help, too.

Some powers, like Heal, can be used anytime, even if you’re not in class. But some powers can only be used in specific situations, such as when a teammate loses HP or falls. Know when you’re able to activate your different powers and be ready to use them when these situations arise!

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Using Heal 1 power

Tip: A small amount of AP regenerates automatically every day at midnight, but the Mages on your team can help you replenish AP even faster. Just remember to return the favor when they need your help!

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