Forming a team strategy

Being part of a team is one thing; thriving as a team is another. To get the most out of the game, your team needs to establish a strategy right from the start.

Once you've chosen your characters, you must determine what role you're going to play on your team. Your role is determined by what powers you can use and reflects how you contribute to your team at the beginning of the game.

Here are the two suggested roles each character can play:  


Protector: Uses powers that offer protection from damage (HP loss)

Tactician: Uses offensive powers that help the whole team

Guardian's power Protect 1Guardian's power One with Nature


Provider: Uses Mana powers to restore the team's AP

Power Mage: Uses powers that help the team gain special bonuses

Mage power Psionic AuraMage power Ky's Intuition


Healer: Uses healing powers

Restorer: Uses Restoration

Healer power RestorationHealer power Heal 1

If you have two Healers on your team, a good strategy would be to give one of them the Healer role and have them learn the healing powers. Then make the other a Restorer and have them learn Restoration as soon as possible.

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