What is Classcraft?

Group of students working on some laptops with their Classcraft avatar profile on the screen

Classcraft is a game-based approach to teaching and learning. It was created to encourage your child's participation in class and with their lessons, promote good behavior, and develop 21st-century skills like collaboration and communication. Everything they learn stays the same, but they get to have a little fun each day!

In class, your child creates a character and works together with their team of classmates. They’re able to earn and use special “powers” to support their own academic learning, as well as help their teammates when they need it. They get some other cool perks, too, for their hard work like new equipment and pets to customize their character!

The parent app is designed to keep you updated on your child's progress in school and extend part of the game experience to your home. Hopefully, Classcraft helps inspire some great conversations at dinner time, too!

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