School Store (district and school license)

If you’re part of a district or school using Classcraft, you may have access to the School Store feature. You can use the School Store on your desktop or mobile browser for easy access at any time! With this feature, you can use Classcraft to manage your school’s PBIS store, using Gold Pieces (GP) instead of paper or token currency.


When a student wants to spend their GP on items from the School Store

  • click on your profile image
  • select "School Store" in the profile menu
  • enter the student's name in the search box and select them in the results
  • enter an item name and value
  • click "Purchase" to complete the transaction

If the student is in one of your classes, you may also access the store from their profile in the Game Dashboard by clicking on the "..." button and selecting "Use the School Store."


Once you complete the transaction, the student’s GP will automatically be removed from your student’s account. Students can see completed transactions in their Game Feed in the “School” tab.

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