School Store (admins and staff members)

The School Store feature enables you to use Classcraft to manage your PBIS store, which can be accessed from a desktop or mobile browser. Instead of using paper or token currency, students can purchase items of their choosing with their hard-earned Gold Pieces (GP).


Giving staff members access to the School Store

While all administrators and teachers have access to the School Store using their mobile or desktop browsers, not all staff members do. After all, you may not need your bus drivers to be able to remove Gold Pieces (GP) from students! To enable staff members to manage the store, go to the “Staff Members” section of the School Dashboard.

Find the staff member who should have access to the store. Click on the “...” button and select “Edit.” In the “School permissions” section. Toggle on the “Storekeeper” option for those who will be managing the School Store.


Accessing the School Store

Depending on the type of user you are, there are different ways to access the School Store either through your desktop or mobile web browser.

  • District admins: Select any school in your District Dashboard. Click on “School Store” on the school dashboard sidebar.
  • School admins: Click on “School Store” on your dashboard sidebar, under the “School” section.
  • Staff members: Select a school, if applicable, then select “School Store.”
  • Teachers: Click on the profile image in the top right corner. Select “School Store” in the profile menu. You can also access the store from the Game Dashboard. Choose a student, click on “...” and select “Use the School Store.”

Using the School Store

Once you’re in the School Store,

  1. use the search box to find the student who wants to purchase something at the School Store
  2. select a student on the list
  3. enter an item name and price in Gold Pieces (GP)
  4. click “Purchase” to complete the transaction


Once you complete the transaction, the student’s GP will automatically be removed from their account. Students can see completed transactions in their Game Feed in the “School” tab.

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