Student Boost

The Student Boost feature enables administrators, staff members, and teachers to reward positive student behavior they notice anywhere in the school. In this article, learn about:

Accessing Student Boost

District and school administrators

As a district administrator:

  1. Access your District Dashboard overview
  2. Click on any school that’s already playing
  3. Click on Student Boost under School in the sidebar navigation

To view a different school, you can click on the school name in the upper left corner, beside the Classcraft logo.

As a school administrator, click on Student Boost under School in the sidebar navigation to access the feature.

Staff members

By accessing on their desktop or mobile device, staff members can access the Student Boost feature. If a staff member is assigned to more than one school, they’ll first need to select the school they want to use Student Boost with.


Teachers can access this feature by clicking on Student Boost in the top navigation bar of their home page.

Using the Student Boost feature

When you notice a positive behavior you want to reward:

  1. Access the Student Boost feature
  2. Click Find students in the upper left corner
  3. Enter a partial or full student name
  4. If you want, filter the results by tags
  5. Once you find a student you want to reward, click the purple + icon on the right hand side to add them to the list of selected students
  6. Optionally, search for other students to add to your list 
  7. When you’ve got everyone, click Next to continue


Once your student selection is complete, select one or more behaviors you want to highlight and click Confirm to give students their points.

Note that if you select a single student, or several students that share a Tier 2 behavior, you can click the pyramid icon in the top right corner to access Tier 2 & 3 behaviors, if they’re assigned any.

If you mistakenly selected a student, click the student list in the lower left corner. You can click the X button for any student to remove them.


Creating and using quick access groups

Groups enable you to easily reward students who are not necessarily in the same grade or class. This could be for an after-class activity or any other need you have.

After finding and selecting students, instead of rewarding their behavior, click the Save as group button in the lower right corner.

Enter a name for this group and click Save.

When accessing the Student Boost feature, you’ll see all quick access groups from your homepage.

Click on any group to give them points 

Alternatively, you can use the More options (...) button to:

  • Give points
  • Edit the group’s name
  • Delete the group


Viewing Student Boost behaviors

To view the behaviors you and other staff members have rewarded students for:

  1. Proceed to the School Dashboard
  2. Click on Analytics
  3. Select any students in the students list
  4. Select Schoolwide events in the dropdown menu
  5. Click Filter