Collective Feedback (admins and staff members)

The Collective Feedback feature enables district and school administrators, staff members, and teachers to reward positive student behavior they notice anywhere in the school. In this article, learn about:

Accessing Collective Feedback

District and school administrators

The Collective Feedback feature can only be accessed through the School Dashboard on desktop or mobile web browser version of Classcraft. If you’re a district administrator, access the School Dashboard of any school that's already playing in your district.

  • On the left hand sidebar, select “Collective Feedback” under “School” 
  • To select a different school, click on the school’s name in the top navigation bar


Staff members

First, you’ll need to add your staff members to your roster. Once you have invited your school to start playing, they’ll receive an email asking them to create a password. They’ll then be able to log in at, either on a desktop computer, or on a mobile device using their web browser.

When a staff member is assigned to more than one school, they first need to select a school. They can select another school by clicking on the Classcraft logo and returning to their home screen.


Teachers can view this feature by clicking on “Collective Feedback” in the top navigation bar of their Teacher Dashboard either on the desktop or mobile web browser version of Classcraft.

Using the Collective Feedback feature

When you notice a positive behavior you want to reward, open the Collective Feedback feature and click “Find Students” to begin. Then:

  • Use the search box to enter any student’s name 
  • Once you find a student, click on the green + icon on the right hand side to add them to the list of selected students
  • You can then search for a different student to add to your list or click “Next” to continue


You can opt to filter your student list using labels. Doing so will enables you to use any appropriate Tier 2 behaviors (if available).

  • To view Tier 2 & 3 behaviors, click on the pyramid icon in the upper right corner of the positive behaviors list
  • Once you’re ready, click “Next” in the lower right corner
  • Select one or more behaviors from the list of available behaviors and click “Confirm” to give students their points

Creating and using quick access groups

Quick access groups enable you to easily reward students who are not necessarily in the same grade or class. This could be for an after-class activity or any other need you have.

After finding and selecting students, instead of rewarding their behavior, click the “Save as group” button in the lower right corner.


Enter a name for this group and click “Save.”

Afterward, when accessing the Collective Feedback feature, you’ll see all quick access groups from your homepage. Click on any group to give them points or click on the “...” button to edit the group’s name or delete it.


Viewing Collective Feedback behaviors

To view the behaviors you and other staff members have rewarded students for

  • Proceed to the School Dashboard
  • Click on "Analytics"
  • Select any students in the students list
  • Click on the dropdown menu and select "Schooldwide events"
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