Adding and managing staff members

Adding staff members like bus drivers, monitors, or PBIS specialists to your district or school roster will grant them access to the Collective Feedback feature and allow them to highlight any student's positive behavior. You may also grant them access to the School Store if you wish.

Once you invite your staff members, they'll receive an email asking them to create a password. They can then log in at, either on a desktop computer, or on a mobile device using their web browser.

After you've already invited your staff, all new staff members will automatically receive their email invitation to join your school.


Adding several staff members at once

Using a CSV or XLSX file you can add several staff members to your district or school at once.

  • Click “Staff members” under “Users” on your dashboard
  • Click the green “Add Staff Members” button
  • Download our CSV or XLSX template
  • Drag your document in the import box or click on the box to select it
  • Click “Add staff members” when ready

Any valid entry will be imported into your roster once you click “Add Staff Members” in the lower right corner. If there are errors while importing your file, a pop-up will prompt you to download the report.

Manually adding a single staff member

  • Click “Staff members” under “Users” on your dashboard
  • Click the green “Add staff members” button in the upper left corner
  • Click “Add manually”
  • Provide the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address
    • Schools you want to assign this staff member to (if applicable)
    • Intervention tiers
    • Whether this staff member can act as storekeeper

Editing and deleting staff members

There are two ways to edit information for a staff member: you can re-upload your CSV or XLSX file, correcting any information you need to fix (except for the email address). Any changes made this way will be reflected on your staff members list.


You may also open your staff list and click the “...” button and select “Edit” to view any staff member’s information. You can edit their name, email address, the school(s) they’re assigned to, the intervention tiers they have access to, and whether they’re a storekeeper. Storekeepers can manage the School Store and remove Gold Pieces from students.

To delete a staff member, click the “...” button and select “Delete.” Confirm your action by clicking on the “Delete” confirmation button.

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