Accessing and editing your profile

Your profile is where you can edit and manage your account settings.

Accessing your profile

To access your profile, click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen, then select the first option ("My Profile").


If you’re already connected on your account, you can navigate directly to

Account overview


In the upper left part of the profile, you can find the main information about your account:

  • Ambassador status
  • School name and location
  • Date joined
  • Current plan
  • Transaction history

You can also edit the following information in this section:

  • Change school: Click on the “Change School” button
  • Edit or cancel your payment plan



Below your overview, you can see the services your Classcraft account is linked to. You can link your account to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, ClassLink, and Clever. You can learn more about these integrations here.

If you had previously linked your account to these services, you can click on the corresponding button to unlink them.

Profile information


You can view and edit your profile information on the righthand part of the profile screen. Here, you can:

  • Edit your first and last name
  • Edit your the display name that your students will see
  • Change your account language
  • Change your region and time zone
  • Select a new email address
  • Select a new password
  • Upload a new profile picture
  • Write a brief bio

Billing information

By clicking on the pen () icon, you can edit your account billing information. If you’ve provided your credit card information, you can click on the pen icon to change this information under “Credit Card Info.”

Communication preferences


Below your bio, you can select options on what we communicate with and how. You can manage your notifications for:

  • Classcraft webinars and other news
  • Activity Center

If you don't see all of the options above, simply hover your cursor over this portion of the screen for the scrollbar to appear. You can also log out of other devices (useful for troubleshooting login issues and protecting account security) and delete your account permanently.

When you make changes to your account, click on “Save” to save your changes. You may need to confirm that you’re not a robot by completing the reCaptcha security verification before changes can be saved.

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