Class Tools — Overview


The Class Tools are a suite of features you can use to gamify various aspects of your classroom to drive fun and engagement. They include:

Random Picker (The Wheel of Destiny)

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The Random Picker chooses a random student or team to answer questions, pick students for group activities, and more!

Random Events (The Riders of Vay)

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Start the day with a Random Event to add some delightfully surprising element and starting class on the right foot or to give students the opportunity for a brain break.

Kudos (Shrine of the Ancients) 

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Kudos foster a positive class climate by enabling students to write and share uplifting messages for other students or teams.

Timer (The White Mountains) 

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You can use this timer to pace classwork, tests, quizzes, or other class events.

Stopwatch (The Forest Run)

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Use this classic stopwatch to make any class activity even livelier!

Quick reviews (Elda training grounds)

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Ask questions aloud to assess your student's knowledge quickly, rewarding them along the way.

Formative reviews (Boss Battles)

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Create and run formative assessments or do an in-class pop quiz with short answer or multiple choice questions.

Volume Meter (The Makus Valley)

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Measure your classroom volume and encourage students to remain quiet in a fun way.

Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros)

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Reward points to students for scores on assignments or exams. There's even an optional integration with Google Classroom if you use it.