Class Tools – Volume Meter (The Makus Valley)

The Volume Meter is a tool that measures your classroom volume and encourages students to quiet down.

To use the Volume Meter, you must be using a compatible browser (such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox) as the game requires access to a microphone. (Note, however, that Classcraft doesn't fully support Firefox.)

To begin, set your reward (XP and/or GP) and any penalty (optional). With the penalty on, students can lose HP if they go above your maximum threshold. Note that you can only set GP values when using a Premium license.


Next, set your max volume. Ask students to make a lot of noise so you can determine what is “too much” volume for your classroom.

Move the pink indicator to set the threshold. (You can readjust this indicator anytime the meter is active.)


Once you click “Start,” feel free to move away from the Volume Meter page and navigate to anywhere else in the game.

The meter will appear as a banner at the top of your game screen so you can keep track of the current volume and click “Finish” anytime.


If the Volume Meter determines that your students were too loud, note that you can press the “False Alarm” button to undo any consequence. Or you can press “Keep Going” to resume the activity, but the reward will be halved.

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