Creating and archiving your characters (students)

You can use the same Classcraft account but start over with a new character each school year.

You can only have one active character at a time!

Creating an account and character for the first time

If this is your first time playing Classcraft, your teacher will give you instructions on how to sign up at You can choose to sign up using another service (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, or Clever) or by using an email address or username.


When asked, you'll need to enter the student code provided by your teacher. Then follow the steps to sign up and create your first character!


Your active character

In your account profile, you can see your current active character, their level, creation date, game points, and active classes:


If your classes are over and you’re done playing with that character, you can use the “Archive Character” button under your character sheet to archive them. If your character is still being played in one of your classes, you won’t be able to archive it. By archiving your character, you’re sending them to the “Hall of Heroes,” where their progress — powers, gear, and pets — will be recorded.

Click the “Enter” button under “Hall of Heroes” to view your characters from previous school years and their respective achievements, and have fun reminiscing!


The Hall of Heroes

In the Hall of Heroes, you can view all of your previous characters along with their powers, gear, and fully trained pets. The items in grey are items you didn’t collect while those in color are powers, gear, and pets you earned while playing as that character. Scroll over any of them to learn more!


If you archived a character by accident — meaning you created them for this school year and should still be using them — you can click the “Unarchive” button to bring them back. You’ll then be able to earn more points with them and keep leveling them up. Note that you won’t be able to unarchive them if none of the classes they were listed in still exist.

Once you’ve brought back a character, they’ll no longer appear in the Hall of Heroes, but you’ll be able to manage them via your game dashboard.


Creating a new character

After archiving a character, you can create a brand new one. To do so, you’ll need to use the class code provided by your teacher. Input it in the “Class Code” field in your account profile, then click “Enter.”


If you had fully trained pets with previous characters, you’ll be able to equip those pets onto your new character in the Equipment section. Check it out!


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