Enabling Self-Paced Progress for students

Self-Paced Progress enables students to automatically proceed to the next objective(s) they’ve unlocked in a quest, without needing manual approval from the teacher first. This feature makes specific objectives self-paced and requires less constant intervention from the teacher.

Enable or disable Self-Paced Progress


When creating a new lesson objective, you can enable Self-Paced Progress in the Progress tab.

You can also modify an existing objective anytime to enable (or disable) Self-Paced Progress in the Quests Progress Center. Click on the “Settings” tab below the objective’s name.


Note: If your quest is assigned to several classes, when you change the progress (or any other class-specific) setting, it will not be reflected in other classes unless you click on the “Synchronize” button.

In the Progress Center, Self-Paced Progress is marked by the blue border around the progress table. When students turn in their work and click the green “Task Complete” button in their student account, the green checkmark will automatically be selected as the outcome in the Quests Progress Center, and students will move on to the next objective without your intervention as long as the corresponding path is marked by a green checkmark.

If you deem a student’s work unsatisfactory, you can remove the green checkmark to allow the student to upload an improved version of their work. Make sure to let the student know they have to redo the assignment!

Note: If you’ve created branching paths (one marked by the red X and the other by the green checkmark), the student will automatically receive the objective rewards and move on the latter path by clicking “Task Complete.” However, at any time before or after a student completes the task, you can manually select the red X outcome to open the red path.

You can also select the red X for your own record-keeping when Self-Paced Progress is activated.


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