Can I change a student's character class and appearance?

If they have accounts, your students can choose their own appearance and character class, otherwise, you can choose them yourself. Either way, maybe students want to change class during the school year, perhaps because they prefer a different look or class or because of team changes.

Students can't change their own appearance or character class, but you can in your class settings!

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To change a student's character class:

  • Proceed to your class settings
  • Select the Student section
  • Click the pencil icon of the student whose character class you want to change
  • On the pop up, click the pencil icon
  • Select your student's new character class and appearance
  • Click Save to confirm

When you change a student's character class:

  • Their current level remains the same;
  • Gold Pieces spent on purchasing gear are refunded
  • Progress for gear and pets is removed

Remember that, for the best balance, teams should have at least one Mage, one Guardian, and one Healer.