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Can I change a student's character class?


Teachers can change a student's character class (Mage, Warrior, or Healer) anytime.

To do so, go to your "Students" list in your class settings and click the pencil button across from the student's name. A pop-up will appear with the option to change their character class and other information, such as their appearance.

Note that changing a student's character class will:

  • Keep their existing level the same;
  • Refund their Gold Pieces (GP);
  • Refund their Power Points (PP) and resets their powers;
  • Remove their progress with gear and pets.

Alternatively, you can create a brand-new, Level 1 character for students by using our Student Lifecycle feature.

Each team should have at least one Mage, one Warrior, and one Healer to be successfully balanced.

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