Crowdfunding Classcraft with PledgeCents – FAQ

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about funding Classcraft with PledgeCents.

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Q: How does Facebook share matching work?

A: Shares include using the “Share” button on your fundraising page, copy-pasting the page URL onto Facebook, as well as any re-shares of your Facebook posts. Your shares will be calculated every 24 hours, and donations will be updated accordingly.  

Q: What happens if I don’t reach my funding goal?

A: Whether you reach your campaign goal or not, as long as you reach the minimum threshold, we will apply the amount you raised to the purchase of a Classcraft Premium annual subscription. 

Q: What happens if I exceed my funding goal?

A: Should you exceed your goal, you have the option to end your campaign early by contacting PledgeCents. Alternatively, you can wait until your scheduled campaign end date to receive your full year of Classcraft Premium. Remaining funds will be sent to your school for you to use at your discretion.

Q: What’s next after my project is completed?

A: Once your fundraiser is completed, whether you’ve reached your funding goal or not, a member of the Classcraft team will reach out to you directly. If for some reason you have not heard from us, you can contact

Q: Is PledgeCents only available in the U.S.?

A: No. PledgeCents can also be used by teachers in Canada and the U.K.

Q: Is PledgeCents only for K-12 teachers?

A: No. Anyone (from Pre-K all the way through college/university) can use PledgeCents to help fund anything for their classroom that they want or need. 

Q: Are there any legal or tax implications that teachers should be aware of?

A: PledgeCents never sends funds directly to people like other sites do, so it’s not considered taxable income. When you raise funds for a partner such as Classcraft, PledgeCents purchases Classcraft for you and sends an email to you and your principal so everyone is in the loop. If you raise funds for a non-partner, PledgeCents sends the funds directly to your school so the funds are tax-deductible and go through proper reporting procedures.

PledgeCents also sends tax receipts to people who help fund your campaign so that they can receive their tax deduction should they choose to.

Q: Are investments tax deductible?

A: Yes. Your backers will receive a confirmation email from PledgeCents after backing your cause that includes their federal EIN number. 

Q: Who do I contact to edit or remove my fundraising page?

A: Your fundraising page can be edited anytime by accessing your PledgeCents account dashboard. You can also contact PledgeCents support by using their on-site chat or by emailing them at


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